A Linear Phase Transmission Line Project

by Rune Aleksandersen

Table of Contents

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The idea behind this project was to create a speaker with good room integration and possibly as linear phase as possible. The problem is finding drivers that are broadbanded enough. Most so called 1st order systems, do not have drivers that are up to the task. In this project, we've used the Jordan drivers that are constructed to be used in 1st order systems crossed over at 500 Hz. This low crossover frequency gives exceptional coverage, and does not suffer from the narrow sweet spot of other 1st order designs. The transmission line is the design principle that allows for the most linear phase in the LF area. Also, the gradual rolloff exhibited by TLs often allow for a better integration with the room, compensating for room gain.

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Measurements
  3. Transmission Line Optimization
  4. Room Integration
  5. Diffraction Step Compensation
  6. Time Alignment
  7. Crossover Simulations
  8. Construction


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