A Phase Linear Transmission Line Project

Section 2: Measurements

Figure 2.1: Shows the complete system anechoic on-axis response. The LF response is tailored to fall off below 200Hz matching room gain.

Figure 2.2: Shows the system response with the measured phase. The phase shift up to 300Hz is well behaved, above this the phase is essentially flat within ±15 degrees.

meas1_tn.jpg (17831 bytes)

Figure 2.1. System response.

meas2_tn.jpg (17831 bytes)

Figure 2.2. System response and phase

meas3_tn.jpg (17831 bytes)

Figure 2.3. PLTL step response

meas3_tn.jpg (17831 bytes)

Figure 2.6. Right and left speaker

meas4_tn.jpg (17831 bytes)

Figure 2.7. On-axis and off-axis 30deg.

Figure 2.6: Right and left speaker 1.5 meteres comparison.

Figure 2.7: Measurements at 1.5 meters at angles 0 and 30 degrees, showing the good horizontal coverage resulting from the low crossover frequency.

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