A galley of DIY Transmission Lines*

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  David Dukes Seraphim


  Keith Kidder's Sentinel Surround




  Peter Reinders' Woefwoef7a


  Rob Sampson's Laying Pipe with Audio Lego


  John Cockroft's Wallflower

with RS 40-1197


  Chris Bobiak's Daline

His take on this classic TL using a Vifa P13WH-00 mid-bass & a "famous scottish maker" tweeter.

  David Dlugos' The toobz

  Rune Aleksandersen's Jordan JX150/JX53 Phase Linear Transmission Line

  Martin J. King's Focal TL

updated Baffle Step Compensation

Martin's MathCad TL software downloadable here.

  The TLB -- A small bipolar TLine. This project is VERY well documented. A must read for anyone designing a TL

  Yves Mattei's 12" Audax TL Subwoofer

  Jakob Speksnijder's B139 TL

Based on the Atkinson designed
"State of the Art Loudspeaker"

  Proposed Stereo_Mono Recycled Transmission Line Subwoofer

A push-push dual 12" TL

  updated Nick Huntington's Shiva based Tubular TLine

Simple, Elegant, this has to be one of the very simplest TLs to build.

  Steve Zettel's Compounded, Super-Duper Shiva_Sonotube T-line Subwoofers

Other Quarter Wave Designs
  MartinKing's Mass Loaded TQWT

updated Baffle Step Compensation added

  Rick Shultz's Radio Shack 40-1354 EXL

  "Rhinos" -- Rick Shultz's Speaker Builder article now on the Web.

Exolinear Design -- Rick's designcookbook that grew from his work on the "Rhinos"

  Rick Shultz's Jordan JX92 EXL

only pictures so far

* The editor makes no claims as to how well any of these projects work. Some are really well documented, some just description, some with a large historical context. In each case the builder_author was pleased enuff with his work to write an article or forward me information for me to generate their pages.

Transmission Line Speaker design is still as much an art as it is science. These projects encompass designs from classical methods to serious attempts to quantify the relationship of speaker parameters to the transmission line we put it in. They provide examples of approaches the builders have taken to get something they can use to sit down and enjoy the music.

If you build one of these designs, or a variation let
me know how it turns out. If you would like to put your project up on these pages I would be very pleased to talk to you.

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