Jordan JX-92 EXL

Rick with his Jordan EXL taken at NY Blast 2000

More pictures from this event below

Driver dimensions above

the box is 38"x15"x24" (965x381x610 mm)

The JX 92 is delightful in a TL. I have given up crossovers and tweeters forever!! I have built a pair of TLs with the JX 92. I will try to be objective:

  • Imaging -- wonderful
  • Depth -- great
  • Openness -- Great+
  • Power handling - power hungry.

I have the older 85dB model. I understand there is a new 90? Db model out.
At low to moderate levels i play them full range. Response to the mid 40s. I am really enjoying some jazz and fusion CDs I havent listened to in a long time. Jazz with horns, big band is really good. The cowboy junkies "trinity sessions" sounds brand new. Of course my rock albums-oops, CDs sound better than usual too.

At higher levels a Subwoofer is a must. they have 9mm linear displacement, but do not give them that much exercise.

I am sure cabinet face defraction is a factor. I have lowered my treble control to get the desired tonal balance. Some of my problem is related to the poor walls in the room.


  • Brave enuff to slap a label on them and ship them to new York
  • mirror-imaged eye-shaped recesses for fiber-glass ring
  • placement of opening not at the end
  • crude construction (design mule?)

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