Classic T-Lines


  updated Fried Model H -- satellittes + dual "coffon" woofer  

  new Bailey TL -- as published in Wireless World
  13_july_05     14_jun_12

  updated Radford Studio S.90

    Me & my TDLs

by Mark Higgins

  I will dissect a pair of IMF TLS 80s, a classic commercial TLS that uses the venerable Kef B139. Pictures from before I pull out the screwdrivers.

  A version of P. Atkinson's "State of the Art Loudspeaker"  

  The AQA BassBox  



  Prototype B&W Nautilus TTL  

  Dual Kef B139 "Coffin" Woofer

Other Classics

  The Dynaco Aperiodic Enclosures

A10, A25/A25XL


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