Fried Model "H" Speaker Kit

"Signature Series" Transmission Line Monitor


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Note: Fried is back in business

Bud Fried's Model "H" is his transformation of the IMF Studio Monitors into a 3 piece system. It comprises a pair of small satelittes, a single large "side-by-side" woofer box with stereo transmission line subwoofers and an external passive cross-over.

Bud Fried's white paper on the Fried H [1.2 MB]

The statelittes comprise a treated
B110 SP1003, and T27 SP1032 in a 278 in^3 (4.6 litre) enclosure. It is specified at 11" x 8" x 6" external, but when we were selling them we developed a pyramidal enclosure that improved performance quite dramatically. I have used an example of these enclosures for my Truncated miniMonitor (different drivers). Bud later started building similar shape satelittes -- i don't know whether we inspired him or he came up with it on his own.

The Transmission lines each use a
KEF B200 SP1022. This is a higher Q version of the big magnet B200 and is an ideal transmission line driver. The bass these produce is VERY high quality & goes very low. Plans for the woofer unit. [420k]

These are all tied together with an external passive crossover claiming a 1st order network at 100 Hz between the B110 & the B200 (the actual XO map shows a 2nd order low-pass on the woofer). The XO between the B110 & T27 is at 3.5 kHz and is 3rd order. As you can imagine the coil for the low pass on the B200 is HUGE (as can be seen in the picture with a CD as comparison.

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