Transmission Line Monitor circa 1978

The IMF TLS80 was considered one of the finest speakers available in its day. It utilized the venerable Kef B139 in a transmission Line loaded enclosure. Descended from the Radford speakers, IMF was one of Irving "Bud" M. Fried's successes. When Bud left England for the USA (politics they say), IMF morphed into TDL which makes TL speakers to this day and Bud started building Frieds.

The speaker compliment is:

  • Kef B139 woofer
  • Kef B110 mid
  • Celestion HF 1300 tweeter
  • Celestion HF 2000 supertweeter

IMF TLS80 brochure (278k in pdf format --requires Acrobat Reader)

IMF TLS50 brochure page (144k pdf)

TLS50 pictures

IMF Compact brochure (392k pdf)

TLS80 Mods

illustration from brochure

click image for larger picture

Exploded view of the speaker that the TLS80 is derived from (also from IMF brochure)

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