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The system is bi-wired, using Nordost flatline (copper) cable internally. Sounds great, but a little tricky to get used to working with. When budget permits, the system will be bi-amped, whether passively or actively isn't certain at this point. The existing network is just about as simple as you can get, and seems to work fine, so let's not fix it?

Speakers in room under test.

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Linn Sondek LP12 / Akito tonearm /K-9 cartridge. (time for upgrade here soon!)

On Sale @ eBay
  Rotel RQ-970 phono equalizer. Acquired June/2000. (Next on the list for tweaking -- see below)
  Nakamichi Music Bank CD player (circa '93?) Maybe this is next ... oh I don't know
  Nakamichi LX3 cassette deck (all of $200 on a trade in, still makes wonderful tapes for the car)

  Grado Reference headphones (sound great, but don't use them )
  Jolida 302 integrated amp. Very musical, 50W p/c EL34 outputs.

Only 4 inputs, and not enough gain for the Rotel phono stage.
    Still playing with interconnects and speaker wire.

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