Associated Equipment


(a work in progress)

  • Accoustat 2 Electrostatic Speakers [2 -- 10" x 42" panels] biamped using the internal passive crossover and EQ circuit. Stacked to make them 1+1s

    Planned are wings (two sets of wings from a 10' long 16" sonotube). Then the grill sock can go on them.

  • The stereo subwoofers are currently a vented box with 2x8" Peerless 210 WF. I bought the drivers, the box came with them. Stuffing some damping foam in the vents has helped them out a lot.

    A pair of
    push-push TLs using PEARL PR2 woofers loading a 10" PVC pipe is in the works to replace these

closeup image of ESL grid

Above: The transformer unit. Modified for bi-amping (passive for now). Note the requisite Duct Tape covering the full-range inputs

Right: Side View (with Bailey the Cat)

Below: View from the listening position (the speakers are square -- the warp is from the wide angle lens)

Mr. Miller (he's a 6 footer) standing next to the 1+1s for scale.

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