toobz woofer mk 1

Dual 8" PEARL PR-2 Push-Push TL

not to scale


These will use a set of 4 unique hand built bass drivers. The basket, motor structure is designed so that a bolt can go thru the pole piece and attach the speaker to the enclosure. I plan to take advantage of this to bolt the speakers together. That, the massive baskets, steel rod beween the respective bolt holes, and a small, rigid enclosure should go a long way towards realizing the full potential for push-push loading to cancel the Newtonian effects of the moving cone.

The push-push box will then load a bolt-on PVC pipe or a sonotube -- since it is bolt-on it is very easy to change the line (or bolt-on a different push-push box with different drivers -- those 8" Peerless i have will need to be TLed someday)

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