Finlayson Arm Loudspeaker Lab (FALL)

(aka Dave's Laboratory)

The place where i get to show my various finished & on-going projects | more current stuff is posted on

I have been building speakers (and electronics kits) since University (35+ years). I often feel a challenge to recycle as much material & bits as I can. Often a design decision will be made because I can use something up.

I also like to see how far I can go with inexpensive drivers -- it is often more of a challenge to build something with cheap bits and make it sound decent (or even great) than to build something great with great drivers. I do have some projects in queue with some great drivers too (Jordan, Decca, PEARL ...)

Also of VERY great importance is to have FUN ;^)

... and enjoy the music



Electronic Projects.

My (old, pre single drivers) System.


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