Associated Equipment
Here is some more info on my ever evolving system.

Source: RCA Laser/combi player, with digital output, Audio Alchemy DTI, and Meridian Model 203 Bitstream outboard DAC
Preamp: Chase RLC-1 (modified to remove loudness circuit)

Crossover: Energy EAC Variable sub xover

Amps: Adcom GFA 545 (100 wpc), Hafler DH 200 (100 wpc), SAE 2300 (150 wpc)

These will be used together when I eventually finish my ESL/TL hybrid speakers. One amp for the ESL (Hafler?), one for the TL mid-woofers, and one for the subs. I also have an Audio Control Richter Scale EQ, for addition bass EQ, and also a 24 db/octave XO at 500 Hz for the ESL/TL.

The woofers for the ESL/TL are Focal 8V416 long throw units.

Main speakers are currently Optimus Pro-X77 Lineaum monopole models. I intend to get a pair of SEAS MP14RCY/P midranges to stick into the RS speakers and possibly use them in a triamp mode if I get time to build the midwoofer
sections of the ESL/TL's.

In other words, if I can get time to build the tl section of the ESL/TL's I can use the RS speakers from 500 Hz up until the purchase of the transformer/bias supply units needed for the ESL panels.

I have a parallel system for video, since the LD player has two audio outputs, using a Sherwood reciever powering four Advent pEarl speakers via a Chase Passive surround unit, and I run the subs via the speaker level outs of the Sherwood thru the Energy EAC. It sounds hokey, but it works. We don't have time to watch too many movies, so I have little desire to upgrade.

In the kitchen I have a system consisting of: Radio Shack 15 wpc digital tuning mini reciever, Sony D-2 Discman, and RS 6.5"/Linaeum monopole in wall speakers, Model 1425, I think. This is where I do most of my listening these days, while cooking or cleaning. It is surprisingly decent sounding.

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