Save the FE103A (alnico 4" fullrange)

the Quest is for these babies -- finding "Gold" in unexpected places

If you find a pair of these please
email me with details.

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I found the 1st pair of these in a cheesy pair of speakers at a thrift store. What a score!!

I have dubbed these FE103A, the FE103 after the Fostex FE103 and the A for Alnico.

These should be pretty common in North America. The cabinets are so cheesy at one of the 2nd hand stores they hadn't even brought them in out of the rain -- i got those ones free. That is why i would encorage an effort to save as many of these from the dumpsters as possible.

These drivers have the same basket as my RS40-1197 (FE103 variant). They have light cone and surround and the eyeball in the centre like many Fostexs. And a honking big ALNICO magnet.

From Admiral (Corporation, Chicago) TunnelReflex* speakers sold no doubt with their cheap solid state all-in-ones... be interesting to see if someone can turn some up with the 8 track player attached. (they are Made in Japan, so the same speakers may be OEMed to other parts of the world with a different maker). Not all the boxes say Admiral but they all had the TR logo.

Listening to these in the boxes they came in (minus the back), with the cheap Yamaha CD player and an SE ESL86 amp these show some real magic.

I found 5 of these in two 2nd hand stores. 2 different model numbers -- they look the same thou.

* i found a larger pr (in a used furniture store) labeled Tunnel Reflex that had an interesting ceramic 5" FR so make sure you have your philips screwdriver handy.

For european hunters, the FE103 was marketed as an Eagle 4, the FE164 as an Eagle 6.5.

Reader Sitings/Reports:
  • Jim in Victoria, BC reports finding 2 more pair of these and a pair of Armacos with an FE164 variant.
  • I have found 3 more pair :^)
  • The pair from the dumpster have found a home in a set of BK101 horns (along with a pair of the2" tweeters that come along with some of these enclosures)
  • And another set of the big ones -- enuff for some TMMs for a friend.
  • A single unit has been found in Layton, Utah. 30 miles north of Salt Lake City.14/03/02
  • And a pair in excellent condition in Ottawa, ON, Canada 14/03/02 and a pair in sad condition 30/04/02
  • My personal quest for these has netted 23 units so far, including 2 from Vancouver & 2 from Nanaimo, BC 12/06/02
  • 2 pair in Toronto, ON 26/04/02
  • 2 pairs found in Minneapolis, Minnesota 14/05/02
  • A pair of the 5" ceramic in Winnepeg, MB 12/06/02
  • A pair in Huntsville, AL -- these were in a different branded enclosure (i am trying to get details) 12/06/02

Wide Style Cabinet (Type W)

Has a single FE103A (Type 10RG11)

& a 2" paper cone alnico tweeter

Cabinet measures 16"T x 5"D x 12"W

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Narrow Style Cabinet (Type N-1 & N-2)

N-1 has a single FE103A (Type 10RG11 or Type 5410182)

N-2 (fat chrome trim) has a single FE103A (Type 5410182) The "naked" enclosure with the chrome facade removed. May have the 2" tweeter as well.

Cabinet measures 16"T x 12"D x 5"W (same size as the Type W, but a different face is used for the driver)

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Larger Narrow Style Cabinet (Type Z)

The Tunnel Reflex logo doesn't guarantee an FE103a. These larger cabinets have a ferrous magnet 5 1/4" (nice in its own right but...) and a tweeter.

Cabinet measures 16"T x 17"D x 6 3/8"W

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