About this Site
This site is a hobby. If it helps someone, then it is a success.... David Dlugos

The following tools are used in its creation, maintenance, & delivery:

Computer (s)   Software

Apple Macintosh G5 Dual 2.5 GHz (8 GB RAM/lotsa disk)   Symantec Visual Page+
2 x 24" Acer LCD monitors   Adobe PhotoShop
Macintosh G5 iMac 2.1 GHz (2.5 GB RAM)   Google Sketchup (some old images w Alias Sketch!)
MacBook Pro 17" 2.5 GHz (4 GB RAM)   DiehlGraphsoft VectorWorks (aka MiniCad)
PowerBook G4 1.42 GHz (1.5 GB RAM)   Adobe Illustrator
Epson 165O scanner  
Shaw cable modem   iCab Primary Web browser
  Eudora Pro mail browser
    Nisus NisusWriter
Web Server  

Apple Macintosh G4 800 (1.5 GB RAM/160 GB Disk)   + Utilities to numerous to name
WebServer 4D -- webserver (this is really good software!)   Micro$oft Office when needed to deal with MS files -- used as little as possible
Rumpus Pro FTP Server  

(Note: Old out-of-date picture. i chose a time when my desk was uncharacteristacally tidy to take this picture)

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